Treble Hook

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When it comes to finding a lover they always say that "There are many fish in the sea" but I say watch out for the Treble Hook.

Song Length 3:23 Genre Folk - Rock, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed, Troubled Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Fish
Similar Artists Rob Thomas, Warren Zevon Language English


music and lyrics by jeff rauschl

You tricked me with your treble hook
Hidden deep in the folds of your skin
and your devil looks
was a treble hook

You tricked me with your treble hook
lured me in with the sins of the flesh
I overlooked
the glint and the gleam
of your treble hook

You drove it deep with your
Can't break the strength of your

Pulled me up from the depths
of my home
no defense
from the tension
of your treble hook

your treble hook
your treble hook
your treble hook barbs
they got me
treble hook

A take the bait like some mouse trap cheese
I break the waves try to set myself free
You play me out
break me down with ease
with your treble hook

ohh your treble hook (40 lb test)
you got me with your treble hook (40 lb test)
there's no defense
from the 40 lb test
of your treble hook

I'm out of breath from your
I'll face the knives of your
Swept away from the safety of the waves
by your treble hook
Brains, Body, Beauty
The three barbs
of your treble hook

From what I could understand of the vocals were pretty damn good

Superb production. Genuinely original. Engaging from the start. Great instrumentation. The song has a great groove. The vocal is just right for the song. Obscure lyrics but that just adds to the ambience.

Nice delivery, it has a certain attitude and great overall vibe.I like the use of the different instruments

Very original song. Grows on ya. Leaves ya unsure. Made me want to hear more from this artist.

This extremely unique. I like this. Good rhythm. The subject matter is very unique. Good imagination.

I really like this song. Its interesting and very creative, sonically and lyrically. I like what you did with the vocal effects. Awesome. It'd be great to hear some variety in the instrumentation as well.

I can hear this in the background of a film

I like the groove in the guitar

Wow. I don't whether to turn it up or call the police. This is a funky, cool, interesting number that throws Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Stan Ridgway into a slow blender along with some bathtub gin and blood. It thumps and bumps along the floor taking the listener deep where the bottom feeders dwell. This is a finely crafted atmospheric song that pulls the listener in whether they want to go or not. I want the number of this guy's dispensary.

Very original and one that I will not soon forget.

Good track....... Very atmospheric.......

I loved loved this, the best I heard all day, your arrangement was the bomb,

Lyrics jeff rauschl Music jeff rauschl
Producer jeff rauschl Performance jeff rauschl
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