Always On The Road

Story Behind The Song

A song about the need to roam. Not so much wanderlust though. The story unfolds and becomes an examination of the course of life that lead to the leaving.

Song Description

I was happy to be able to incorporate my new Cigar Box Guitar (CBG) that I just completed building into the song. Listen for the slide staring at about 1:53. I posted a video of photos taken along the way building the guitar.

Song Length 4:26 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Road Language English
Era 2000 and later


©2014 jeff rauschl

I love you baby
but time is not my friend
Come tomorrow
I'll be on the wind
I hear their hounds now
and fear they're closing in
but maybe someday
if I'm lucky
I'll be back again

So take a picture now before I leave
Take this token
it was my mama's rosary
It'll keep you safe now
this keepsake memory
and when you hold it at night
before you go to sleep
you can think of me
out there all alone

ohh I'm always on the road
out there all a lone
but for a moment
with you
at least I had a home

I love you baby but I must confess
I've done some crimes
I haven't paid for yet
and I loved another
long before we met
and every day I see her face
I never will forget

We were so in love back in our innocence
but then I lost her to a needle
made no sense
and I was angry
and I sought revenge
I killed a man
who sold her that heroin

and left me all alone
always on the road
oh I've never known
but for a moment
with you I had a home

Lyrics jeff rauschl Music jeff rauschl
Producer jeff rauschl Performance jeff rauschl
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