Black is White

Story Behind The Song

People have drifted apart, and redret the present and past situations

Song Description

Regret for a lost love

Song Length 2:56 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Traditional
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Breaking Up, Lost Love Language English


This song can be redone, rearranged, restyled, or put to different music, by anyone who wants to use it.
The recording here is a basic demo recording, recorded by the writer, to reflect an idea.
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Black is White
Copyright  2001 Jeff Person

1: Where will you be when itÂ?s over?
Who will you be when itÂ?s through?
What will be left in the morning?
When all thatÂ?s left behind is you.

There was a time when you knew each other well
Those were the good times you say
All of those changes that brought about his hell
Have already faded away

2: She packed her bags it was just the other day
And left you nothing but tears
She was so cold and she didnÂ?t even cry
But sheÂ?d done her crying through the years

It isnÂ?t fair I can still hear you crying
Why does she treat me this way
Turn it around and look on the other side
When black is white night is day

Repeat 1st Verse

Lyrics Jeff Person Music Jeff Person
Producer Jeff Person Publisher none
Performance Person to Person Band Label none
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