Done Riding

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#3 in the cowboy trilogy

Song Length 4:04 Genre Country - Cowboy, Country - Traditional
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Diplomatic Subject Life
Language English


Done Riding © Jeff Ashbaker

This old cowboy's done some riding
Chasing ghosts and memories
Picking trails that lead to nowhere
And finding things I just don't need

I have seen young prairie fires
Burn with passion through the coals
Darkness void of all dimension
And hearts as cold as driven snow

And though I'm, done riding I remember
Holding hands and pitching woo
And though I'm, done riding come December
I'll be riding home to you

This old cowboy's seen some hard times
Lost in tumbleweeds and hay
I Spent some lonely nights in dance halls
Hiding from the light of day

I have searched through hills and canyons
Riding high and low to find
Lifes' illusive dream of freedom
A heart to ride along with mine

--Repeat Chorus--

I'm done riding, yes it's true

This song is the essence of country music and where it originated,you gotta love everything about! Very well done,thanks you for sharing!
LC Team

Nice easy listening. It does exactly what it says on the tin,who could ask for more !

Lovely sound to relax to. Has a nice swing factor. Can imagine sliding along the dance floor with partner.
The Lyrics tell a time worn story extremely well with a sing along Chorus.
Very nice musical arrangement. Singer does it proud! Good strings backing and progression. Would definitely have it in my collection. Even better, I would play it regularly in relaxed company.

Marty Robins vibe I like the cowboy country, well put instruments. The steel guitar and fiddle give it that western sound. The song has a nice catchy tune with a story about an old cowboy who is gonna ride no more, he's going to take his last ride to be with his honey. The arrangement is perfect for the lyric I enjoyed it very much.

I just love Cowboy music. When I heard the opening lyric about Chasing Ghosts I almost fainted because I have a song on Broadjam with that title! I guess I was meant to hear this wonderful song. I love the vocal and I really loved when the back up vocal came in and rounded it all out. I hope to hear this song when I'm curled up on the couch watching Yellowstone. This song is a keeper!

I loved the instrumentation, the song had a nice simple hook, the arrangement was good and the originality was and recording was good as well. It was definitely pleasing to the ears. Kind of reminded me of being at bar late right before winding down and closing up shop! :) Great job!

Great song! The instruments sound great, perfect guitar/fiddle solos, really a great balance between the vocals and instruments. Voice has a very nice quality, mellow and soothing.

im not a fan of this music but it has potential

Great session players - Good mix [ over all ] Period Music - Old School - Marty Robins? George Strait? Easy listening.

the lyrics were very good and the recording was great

sounds like a lonely trail for a cowboy. reminds me of some of those songs Johnny Cash sang. pretty good song to listen too.

Wow, this sounds like Merle, which I like immediately. Nice guitar work. I love the instrumentation and the arrangement, just need to fine tune the mix. Love the pedal steel and violin shared solo - very nice! Good luck with this song.

nice laid back easy going country in a traditional style
liked the subtle vocal style it really makes the track, the fiddles were cool and all the music works really well with a fine production
nice country track

I like the lead vocals and the overall feel of the song - I also really like the fiddle.

Great voice. Great throwback. Put me in the kitchen, on my stool, listening to the radio while my mother and sister finished the dishes. We don't want to talk about how long ago that was. It is a totally tight performance a pleasure to listen to. I really like how you caught the peace and the vistas of this guys life.

I liked the Old school country vibe of this song, it reminded me of the Waylin and Willie nelson era of country music. it was very Old school country and I liked that. It had a nice simple melody and it flowed well. I liked the guitar work on it as well.

nice mix great story great song keep it up

Great vocals and harmonies. The instruments were great also. The song was really nice and laid out well. It had good lyrics.

Nice work bro! Thats real country music!

nice fiddle and peddle steel breaks ! everything sits nicely, very listenable, you got a great drummer !

NOW THAT'S COUNTRY SWING! Great chorus, melody and lyrics.

Lyrics Jeff Ashbaker Music Jeff Ashbaker
Performance Jeff Ashbaker
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