More Than A Memory Can Give Male Version

Song Length 3:48 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Heartbreak, Unrequited Love
Era 2000 and later


I need More ©2012 Janet Steely

V1: You know i loved you / you know me better than I ever knew my self
I Saved your emails and your letters / left your picture on the table, by my bed

But I built a life / I made some friends / just to prove I could get by
but I can't count the lonely nights / or the tear drops I have cried

CH:Every time I move on you come to haunt my heart
tell me how l o n g is too long,
I need more / my heart can't wait to live
& I need more than a memory can give.

V2: I gave it all / the deep part of my heart / the corners of my soul
& You were all I thought I needed/ all the love I had to give was / yours to hold

When someone gives / that much away / there is just no turning back
Can this heart love that way again / Tell me Can you answer that

Bridge: I wonder if you walked in to the room just what I'd do.

If I could look into your eyes and know you still love me too .. what would I do? What would I do?

CH: E v e r y t i m e I move o n, you come to haunt my heart, tell me how long is too long,

I need more / my heart can't wait to live
& I need more than a memory can give.

Nice sounding song. I really like the acoustical arrangement of the song. The production worked great for this song. Good lyrics, which flowed well in the song, accompanied with a good vocal arrangement. I enjoyed listening to this.

Very commercial! Love the hook. Well written.

Nice production and vocals.

Nice heart felt song with good guitar and vocal harmony, a very strong song.

Well done and modern thematically - maybe get to the chs sooner? -Killer hook line

Love the harmonies in the chorus, song is a strong one, even with the simple guitars..

Lyrics Janet Steely Music Janet Steely
Producer Janet Steely / Jason Wyatt Publisher Songbird8 Music
Performance Jason Wyatt Label N/A
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