Mobile Phone remix3

Story Behind The Song

My partner used to call me and text me all day and all night long

Song Description

My partner used to call me and text me all day and all night long

Song Length 6:23 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Electronic - House
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Pleasant Subject Telephone, General
Language English Era 2000 and later


MOBILE PHONE ? 2004 version

Send me a message on my mobile phone,
You?re always calling never leave me alone
I?ve tried to live without you but you?re never at home
But I find myself connected to my mobile


The 23rd time that she rang me today,
I heard the first time but repeats what she says
I want you to call me but just think when you dial,
Cos I find myself connected on my mobile


I try to live without you but I?m not mobile
How upset that I would be, If you would never ring, ring, ring

Beep, Beep I see another message for me
Its her again and asking how long I?ll be
You?ve only just left but somethings cooking fro you
One thing I tell you son Its finger licking good


You know I need you and I hold
you?ve got all the tunes and tones
I?m in love with you my mobile

Lyrics Jamie Goddard Music Jamie Goddard
Producer Jamie Goddard Publisher Jamie Goddard
Performance Jamie Goddard Label Jamie Goddard

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