Angel In Savannah

Song Length 3:13 Genre Blues - Modern


Angel In Savannah

James Hooker

Copyright 2002

Killenure Music International

Verse 1

They say when it rains in Savannah

It rains all night long

They say when you meet a girl in Savannah

You?re gonna remember that girl

Your whole life long

Chorus 1

You can loose your heart in Savannah

Guys do it all the time

But, loose your cool in Savannah

You?re guaranteed to lose more than your mind

Verse 2

I had a girl in Savannah

She treated me just fine

She had a husband in Savannah

But still we had a real good time

Chorus 2

You can loose your life in Savannah

Guys do it all the time

But I got an Angel in Savannah I guess

Who keeps me one step ahead all the time

Lyrics James Hooker Music James Hooker
Producer James Hooker Publisher Killenure Music International
Performance ASCAP Label Killenure Records

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