Wonderful Life

Story Behind The Song

Wonderful Life is about an appreciation for being alive and having a positive outlook on life in general. It is about living life to the fullest and hanging out with family or friends and just enjoying yourself. Whatever you have appreciate it because others may not be as fortunate. Live your life today like there is no tomorrow! Do not bring the problems and issues you had yesterday into today or tomorrow. Wipe the slate clean at the end of each day and start with a smile in the morning. Engage in a hobby or interest or activity that makes you happy and motivates you to excel. Find a way to give a little something to those in need and it doesn't always have to be money---be creative!

Song Length 5:06 Genre Jazz - Modern, Electronic - Experimental
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Mood Exultant, In High Spirits
Era 2000 and later
Music Isaac Abnathey Producer Isaac Abnathey
Performance Isaac Abnathey

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