The End Of Innocence

Story Behind The Song

"The End Of Innocence" won The Akademia Music Award for Best Instrumental / Electronica Song in the February 2015 Akademia Music Awards.

Song Description

The End Of Innocence by Ionut Mirel Udrea Copyright 2013

Song Length 5:21 Genre Classical - Romantic, Unique - Unclassified
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Subject General
Era 2000 and later

The piano has a great melody and hook. It blends very well with the rest of the instruments not too powerful but enough of a shine to make you want to listen for more. I like the percussion affects you've added as well. It makes nice touches to the piece. Making it stand out, very impressive. The rhythm is nice as well, it's a good change to what I'm used to hearing in this setting. The tonicization was a nice touch as well.

Great job ..this song couldn't be any more amazing than it already is well played and recorded keep up the good work

This song is very dynamic. The melodies are very good. It also has a nice stately feel to it. Then changes back to those nice melodies. Nice song. I like it!!!!

A nice theme song for a movie depicting sports action. Particularly basketball.

nice feel and mood, initially dark with contrasts and accidentals (music accidentals that is).


Hi Lonut nice to get to review one of your songs here. your music is great and perfect for licencing for movies etc,
this is a very good piece of music. powerful and varied and would be the perfect backdrop for epic scenes.
hope you upload more.good luck here.

Arrangement very good, outro very good

Music Ionut Mirel Udrea Producer Ionut Mirel Udrea
Publisher Ionut Mirel Udrea Performance Ionut Mirel Udrea
Label Ionut Mirel Udrea
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