The One That Got Away-featuring Susanne Schafer

Song Description

Composed by Ron Reid Gardner - featuring Susanne Schafer

Song Length 3:33 Genre Country - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Lost Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


The One That Got Away
(Ron Reid Gardner)

I first met him at a party
I guess it was love at first sight
there we danced and held each other
then he took me home and
kissed me once good-night

We grew closer through the school year
my life was a perfect dream
he said his dad just got a new job
it´s in California so I´ve gotta leave

He´s the one that got away
and I think of him night and day
after all this time he´s still on my mind
he´s the one that got away

Then the years went by so slowly
we did our best to stay in touch
he called and said I´d love to see you
I´ll be in town next week and thought
we could have lunch

I went to meet him at the airport
this was the best day of my life
when we met we held each other
then he said I´d like for you to meet my wife

Chorus: He´s the one that....
Chorus: He´s the one that....

Lyrics Ron Reid Gardner Music Ron Reid Gardner
Producer Ron Reid Gardner Publisher Schellhase MV
Performance Susanne Schafer
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