Hang On

Song Description

This is a song about hanging on when times get tough and it seems like you are getting nowhere

Song Length 4:49 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Folk - Rural
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Hang on
Hang on

Strumming in my basement on a Tuesday night
Off to work the next day
Lately I?m thinking all through the hours
Man I took the long way
I?m longing for my predictable, reliable
Rush of coffee every morning
Just to make it to my break
I?m the only one awake
And I search the earth
And I ?
Hang on
Hang on

There?s a voice I?m listening to now
Coming o?er the airwaves
Cries out for a change
Look forward to a brighter day
I?m thinking do I trust it? Will I speak it?
Will I let it in?
Inspiration, see it light my face
Like the sun shining
And I search the earth
And I ?
Hang on
Hang on

Lyrics Ian Farish Music Ian Farish
Producer Joby Baker Performance Ian Farish - Guitar, Vocals, Saxophone, Joby Baker - Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Ryan Clayton - electric guitar

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