Ian C Bishop

Ian C Bishop

Fairy Tales

Story Behind The Song

The feelings were there. I just accssed them and wrote the song as it flowed into me from above, Or below.

Song Description

I almost describe this song as "Cohen-esque". It's sombre and pretty and enchanting.

Song Length 4:01 Genre Pop - Dreampop, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Enchanting Subject Femininity, Worry
Language English Era 2000 and later


so it goes.. like a fairy tail. The princess dies alone. And no one ever knew her name. And we lie.. alone in broken rooms.. and no one here assumes, that anything will ever be the same.

And we call, yr looking like you drowned... and yr dress is torn.

And you know, i'll be here every night.. I hope my senses clear.. and everything will be alright. But I'm wrong. There's nothing else to do.. but hang my self in yr bed room... when yr gone. It makes no sense.. yr beauty's on the floor... and her dress is torn.. yr beauty's never more.. and her dress is torn.

I lay alone last night. Trust me i won't tell.. but every thing will be alright.
When you sleep, the world comes crashing in.. and everything goes wrong.. and all yr thoughts are never very far.

And you fall. Yr beauty's on the floor. And her dress is torn. Yr looking like you drowned. more and more.. More and more..

Yr beauty's on the floor.. yr beauty's never more... and yr dress is torn.

Lyrics IC Bshop Music IC Bishop/Horsepower
Producer David M Allen Publisher Bug
Label pony pony
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Nick Fuse Songs of Unearthly Beauty 2/22/2012

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