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I can hear a great influence by Kermit the frog, Winston Churchill talking about sailors' sodomy, french fries and a fantastic collection of stamps. The arrangement is a little too busy with all those honking cars and trumpeting elephants. You may want to try a more essential instrumentation, like an ananas and a napkin or a sneeze and a handkerchief. You should change the lyrics altogether, and the topic should be about the social awkwardness of sporting a walrus on your head. Now, don't get angry with me, think that these suggestions come from a well-seasoned cheese. Keep up the good work: get a job.

This song is a blend of folk tonality with alternative sensibilities. The technical aspects required in the execution this song are impressive. Above all of that, this song is really enjoyable to listen to. The harmonies are complex and the sound of the acoustic guitar reveals some care and precision in the microphone placing and selection. Well Done!

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