Making Peace With Both Sides

Song Length 9:53 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Poignant, Moving
Subject Life, Change


you were bold
in the way
that you moved
and i was petrified
but i still
wanted you

don't fear
the rain
or it comes back
again and again

but instead
think of me
and how happy
you could be

even on
your darkest days
i will
be right here
i'm waiting for
your kisses
your pretty lips
and your tears

don't you know
that no matter where
you hide
i'm right here
and even while you sleep
i will get in
so clear

i'm on that
green path
where nature breathes
in your ear
and you are on
a gray cloud
covering up my fears

but don't fear the rain
you said
or it comes back
again and again
well i'm trying to
see the sun
for the water
it's become


if you'd only
forgive yourself
i'd know you could take me there

if you'd only
love yourself
you'd know you could take me there

if i'd only
just accept myself
i'd know i could take you there

if we'd only
unite ourselves
we could get there together


do i need to be needed
these are such fragile times
well life, if you're good to it
it is good to you
in kind

i know that i am not

Lyrics heather abney Music heather abney
Producer heather abney Performance heather abney and cole haman
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