With These Tools

Story Behind The Song

This song is about the working man and woman who need to work hard to build their home. There is a bit of a metaphor as it is about building the physical home with physical labor but also to build the spiritual home with love and dedication.

Song Description

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Song Length 4:55 Genre Rock - Classic, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits Subject Other
Similar Artists The Eagles, Poco Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


With These Tools

verse 1

With these tools gonna build a home,
build a home build a home.
And in that home there must be love.
Sure as the stars and the moon up above.

verse 2

I come and go like the fog rolls in,
fog rolls in darkness begins.
Darkness gone I can see the morning light.
Work is done and I'm feeling alright.

< banjo solo >

verse 3

Man and a woman got to work all day,
work all day just to earn their pay.
Earn their pay with sorrow and woe,
sorrow and woe and no time to grow.


With these tools, gonna build a home.
Heart and soul, hand in glove.
Song in heart, axe in hand.
With these tools, gonna make our stand.

< guitar solo >

verse 4

With these tools gonna build a home,
build a home, build a home.
In that home there must be love,
sure as the stars and the moon up above.

verse 5

Strength finds the working man all day long,
all day long he's got to be strong.
Like ole' John Henry don't you fall to the grind,
fall to the grind, uuhh'ss
you've got to rest your mind.

Lyrics Fred Dobbs Music Fred Dobbs
Producer Dick Reck Publisher Heartsfield Music
Performance Heartsfield Label Planet49

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