Rush on the Savannah

Song Length 5:02 Genre Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental

First off, I am a lyricist and not a musician, so my opinion is not professional. I was tempted to name it 'Trouble in the Jungle - With a Happy Ending". I like it. I know that the percussion is the backbone or skeleton of a piece of music, and your drums now and then became too dominant and too monotonous for my taste, All the other sounds are innovative, creative, delightful.
(I have a thing about/against steady drumming, so you may just disregard my comment on that.) A dramatic piece of music with much emotion and beauty.

Fun:) Loved how clean your guitar sounded. Great percussion work as well. Reminded me of Firefly meets the old west (3:10 to Yuma?) I'm very impressed by the quality here. Dynamic mix that breathes, wonderful use of scales and progression, and a great over all feel in the performances. Were those strings live or sequenced? If you say sequenced we're gonna need to talk about your usage of expression, velocity, and motion. Channel 11 is it?

Lyrics NA Music Hattie Wilcox
Producer Hattie Wilcox Publisher Hattie Wilcox
Performance Christopher Marion, violin; Asaf Rodeh, guitar; Guy Bar-Tor, electric bass; Elad Fish, drums Label Hattie Wilcox
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Clean Clean

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