The Fool

Story Behind The Song

This is about a man who walks into a bar and shoots someone. The bartender yells out "The drinks are on the house" people laugh like it happens all the time. This man is the fool of the tune. He later breaks into a house and gets killed by a womans husba

Song Length 3:41 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Vicious, Disturbed Subject Danger
Language English


The fool he rushes in
As a man sets down his gin
And he pulls out a gun
Everybody runs

Someone gets blown away
A crime that did not pay
(bartender says) the drinks are on the house
As everybody laughs out load

Pre-chorus You never can tell
Don't say it won't happen to you now
You never can tell
Doesn't matter if your day is through now

Chorus The fool, it's a game now
The fool, wants to play now
The fool, it's a shame
And he's gonna waste the rest of his life

The fool, he breaks in
As a woman tucks her kids into bed
And he pulls out a knife
As she shuts out the lights

pre-chorus Chorus

The fool made his mistake
One thing he could not contemplate
Her husband had a gun
The blood starts to run.......oh its too late to run

Lyrics Jon Pileggi. Kelly Keagy on the tag Music Jon pileggi
Producer Jon Pileggi Kelly Keagy

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