Motion Sickness

Story Behind The Song

an old pirate I once knew had been drinking in the gallows with a gypsy nurse. She said "Whats your rank?" He thought she said "walk the plank." They laughed themselves to death. She, nursing him. He, nursing her purse.

Song Description

fever in your feet. Ants in your pants. the need to dance. Disco romance, same drill. This song leaked out of me and I wear the shame stain with pride.

Song Length 4:10 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Cool Subject Body, Freedom
Similar Artists Lou Reed, Everclear Language English
Era 2000 and later


Motion Sickness

Don't stand next to me
I'm, contageous
Look at my feet fly
ain't it outrageous?

I feel a fever coming on
maybe you can help yourself out
learn about this disease, what it's about
The Ocean, Love Potion, it;s all in the motion

It's an infection, can you see your reflection?

Do I have a fever I feel hot
no big deal just can't stand still
to be safe better not dance next to me

It ain't from movin
just take a pill it's from standin still
dance with me

can't stand still
that's feelin ill
come on give your feet a thrill
I know I willl

down your back and into your legs
if you've got feet
or wooden pirate pegs
walk the plank

is he feelin dizzy?
is she wishy washy

better get the airbag
make your tail wag
papas got a brand new nag

ain't got no room for mello drama-mean

Lyrics Coleman Hazy Music Coleman Hazy, JP Cravens
Producer Coleman Hazy Performance Coleman Hazy, JP Cravens

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