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Song Length 4:12 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Nonviolent, Pleasant
Subject Power, Pride Similar Artists Tom Waits, The Doors
Language English Era 2000 and later


we got dirt
when it rains
we got mud

We got dirty people

We got a dirty town

Under a dirty Steeple

We got dirty down

Let?s all keep the mud slingin to a maxamim maxamim
my babys got an ass like a pendelum.
swingin all the time, down at the dirty gym
shes keeps perfect time we all sing perfect hymm

I love that Whore I zone
check out the colors
from the dirty sky
yes it?s a dirty day
and I?m a dirty guy

I love that whoore...I....zon Come to the Caprock find a bone
she?s pretty and she?s pretty flat
mountains just make the sky look fat
that?s not why I came
I don?t come for that
Caprock taught me where it iis really at

We Do the Bumper Crop
Bumper Cotton do-wop
if Christianity invented sin
Hell I?m standin? in the middle of Bethlehem
meetin 4 lovely bunnies late tonight again
with my dirty, dirtier and dirtiest 3 friends

Bumper Crop
Bumper hop
Bumper cotton
No humps on our horizon
soft and white all right
white is another color that like

We got a great season
here we go again
welcome back to the cotton gin

Lyrics Coleman Hazy Music Owen Franklin, Coleman Hasie
Producer Coleman Hasie Performance OWen Framklin, Coleman Hasie
Label personal

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