A Midnightmourning

Story Behind The Song

A Bitch and a broken heart

Song Description

I'm just lucky I wrung this song from the remnants of my Superego.

Song Length 3:46 Genre Unique - Unclassified, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Tranquil Subject Breaking Up, Marriage
Similar Artists Dire Straits, The Wallflowers Language English
Era 1920 - 1929


I remember everything but i don't rremember you
I remember everything-don't recognize you
The one that I remember -she dissappeared
The one that I remember -she ain't here
new name is the old name-it stays the same
but you're a different dame.

but the memory
every now and then
becomes an assaassin
it's creepn in
comin to kill me
comin to do me in

So I'm runnin
got to get away
duck into the Alleyway
I used to love to watch you wallk away

So I'm sorry Missus you know who
you just won't do
the one that I remember
she was my friend -she didn't bring me the end

teapots whistlin
she ain't listenin, again
used to make her laugh so hard her eyes start glistenin
another round of nitro glycerin
I'm going Downtown
I'll be wearin a blue crown
gonna paint this particular town brown

SO I'm sorry- Missus Youknowwho
but you just won't do
the one that I remember, she was my friend
She was the beginnin
of something I need
and something you just want to end
She ain' t around but I here she put a contract on the clown

But her memory is trying to kill me.

Lyrics Cole hazy Music John Paul Cravens
Producer Cole Hazy Publisher personal
Performance Cole Hazy, JP Cravens Label Personal

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