You Have A Beautiful Name

Story Behind The Song

Having been in a band, I know what it is like to enjoy performing, but always feeling that there is something missing.

Song Description

I wanted to write a song that says something about the conflict between ambition and love. It is a heroic theme taht any performer will recognise and any listener will relate to.

Song Length 3:40 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Cowboy
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Lover Similar Artists Kenny Rogers, Bob Dylan
Language English Era 2000 and later


Still on the road,
Where the music's got my soul,
I chased a rainbow, but no gold so far,
Only the hope that I'm still in your heart.

Still writing home,
A letter from each place that I roam,
Hope it's the glue to mend your broken heart,
We can hook up and make a better start.

You have a beautiful name,
It's like the sun when it shines through the rain,
And like a river that winds through the plain,
I'll be coming home to your heart again.

When I'm feeling blue,
I close my eyes and think of you,
I run my fingers through your hair,
And smell the perfume that fills the air.

Still count the cost,
Of all the good things that I've lost,
How many fools have traded love for art?,
I'm trading it back I need to feel your arms.


Middle 4.
Yet when we meet,
You take me to task,
You know I love you,
So please don't ask,
And in my pocket,
I keep a photograph,
Of you by my heart.

V1. Repeat.

Chorus Repeat. Plus two last line repeated twice.

You put a smile on my face,
Yeah you restore my faith in the human race.

Lyrics Gerard Cheshire Music Gerard Cheshire
Producer Gerard Cheshire Publisher Gerard Cheshire
Performance Gerard Cheshire Label None.

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