Never Overscratch an itch

Story Behind The Song

free time for one day, and a random sentence from one friend to another (the second friend became my wife a decade later) were all I needed to throw together unrleated chords, and tempos into this little ditty that is sort of plka-ish, but can change on a dime, to progressive rock, and just when you are comfortable with that, i change it back, because i Looooooovvve being capricious even if I am unsure of the spelling of the word.

Song Description

there are some things you shouldn't do, like put a song like this on a service like this, or even write a song like this, or scratch an itch too much.. well, i have done all three, sorry to say - and worse yet, i decided to share it allo with you - i hope you take it much more seriously than my neighbor fred did. actually i have=no such neighbor, BUT I did have free time for 1.25 days once in 1994, and a little tiny 8 track to record this lil idea on .. some day I'll make a better mix of it, but that day can be the same day you stop singing the melody of this song once you have heard it - you see, Chris said this to ginger, and i made a song out of it to try to impress them both, but as it turns out I DEpressed them both, so please come join my list, but hurry cus my dinner is getting cold, and I don't want to think more about the lack on sonic quality to such a song as this, when I have since become a prodcuer and acquired better gear than I had in those early 1990's - ahh yes, they were the days. But seriously, this is a departure from what I usually do with my main band, SHADOW GALLERY, and i think someone out there might just shake their head and say "yes, I think I am unsure if I like this, but somehow I feel I just HAD to get it, and now I can get back to my life"

Song Length 6:23 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Pop - Rock
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Affable Subject Comedy, Funny, General
Similar Artists The Alan Parsons Project, Paul Mccartney Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Never overscratch an itch
You must learn to control your itching passion

Lyrics Gary Wehrkamp Music Gary Wehrkamp
Producer Gary Wehrkamp Performance Gary Wehrkamp
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