Make A Stand

Song Length 3:15 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enraged


Heard there was a storm brewing down the line
They said you better run boy whileyou've gotthe time
I heard things said that just ain't right
I guess tonight there's gunna be a fight

I'llmakemy stand I won'twalk away
I'llmakemy stand no I won't be afraid
Cos when you're right there'sgunna be a figh
I'llmakemy stand

When the chips aredown you gotta turn yourselfaround
Look themin the eye and make a stand
Maybe it'stimetodraw that line in the sand

Daddy told me when I was just a boy
Some people sure like to make a lot of noise
Most time s he said you'lljust smileand walk away
But some times your gunna have to stay and make a stand

Daddy and his friends they were real oldschool
Never could tolerate anybody playing the fool
I guess they brought me up tobe the same way
That'swhy I gunna have my say

Lyrics Gary Hughes Mick Msrtin Music Gary Hughes Mick Martin
Performance Gary Hughes Mick Martin Big Andy

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