The Clock Burned Down

Song Length 3:42 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Stressed Similar Artists Peter Gabriel, Billy Joel
Language English Era 2000 and later


The clock burned down just the other day
No one said a word when they took her away - she's crazy
Lights a fire to watch it burn
Nowhere to go she got nowhere to turn - oh baby

Oh, when the lights go down
She burns down to the ground
It's all over now
The light has gone
Oh I'm movin' on
It's just a wave of the heart

Lookin to the rear view I see fire behind me - yo
They can't catch ya if ya drive faster - I'm on my own I know
Time to take it slow
But I see the world flyin' by me
And I never know why - oh try me

Oh, can you hear
The bombs in my ear
It's all over now
The light has gone
Oh, I'm moving on
It's just a wave of the heart

I'm on fire

The clock burned down the other day
No one said a word
No one took me away
Watch it burn
No where to turn

All aspects of this tune are very interesting and original, good vocals and instrumentation!!

Brilliant Rock Ballad story telling at its best. Wonderful production and arrangement. Full of colour and emotive expression.The middle eight was beautifully crafted and moved back into the core of the song so nicely. The down changes and up changes keeps you enthralled in the piece. You can count me as fan and I will definitely be listening to more of your music. Great job!

I love the string intro. Great change to the stripped back instrumentation for the verse at 0.15. Beautiful brass element at 1.35. Inventive bridge at 2.15. All round exceptional instrumentation and arrangement. Strong committed vocal performance. The song builds nicely and keeps the listener hooked from start to finish. The song is very catchy...worthy of Elton John or Electric Light Orchestra.

Excellent instrumental mix, and a high quality recording. Lots of emotion in the vocal track! I don't typically listen to this genre, but I found this song quite entertaining. The song length is good for commercial applications.

Love the string intro - and it just got better and better. As a huge fan of the 80's this had me interested from start to finish - reminded me of a mix of bands such as Eurythmics, Tears for Fears and even Scritti Politti - well constructed with great chord progressions and that great vocal performance.

And that middle eight was very TOTO!!!!

Love the raspy voice! This song puts me in the mind of cruising through a big city. The lyrical content really fits the groove of the music. Great song!

The melody is very good: easy to follow, has a melancholy haunting mood that is pleasing and interesting. Lyrics are well written with some metaphors: the story of running from a destructive relationship but said in a different way. Vocals are engaging, gravely yet with some pitches that sound like something Elton John would do, as in "it's all over now." The song is well arranged, starts minimally, adds drums, then builds to a climax, then is peaceful at the end.

What a fun piano driven pop song. Great underlying 80's vibe as well. I liked the tempo change-ups at the beginning and then near the end, really helped booked the feelings expressed. Fun song, great potential.

Excellent Work!!!

Pretty cool production. The musicians are on it! I like the vocalist cutting loose, too! Overall strong song!

Really well constructed, well instrumented and dramatic sounding piece with great build-ups and really good vocals as well. There's a surprise around every corner, which makes for an easier listening experience. Very good, soulful and expressive lyrics.

opening was a good way of introducing this song, gave a bigger impact to the vocal intro, singer has a strong and unique voice and delivery, quite a heavy drum sound gave this a rocky feel. The construction of the song worked well with the instrumentation and build and breaks with quite a theatrical ending. I enjoyed the listen and it was a intriguing to hear where this track would go

Very Nice, fooling me at every turn --smart to keep them guessing!

Great Track!!! I absolutely love the soulful vocals as well as the instrumentation! It's a song that i can listen to again & again (which i did), without losing interest! Nice Job!!!

The power in the voice is evident. The croon is well held. Love the ethnic sounding solo. The music provides good backdrop for the vocals. Use of keys/synth gives the song a nice atmosphere.

Except for the intro, I loved the song! Very expressive and emotional interpretation of a singer. I love the groove and the piano. Song flows nicely. Good lyrics!! I enjoyed it very much!! Just keep up the great work! The rest is in constructive comments section.

Lyrics Fred Kimmel Music Fred Kimmel
Producer Fred Kimmel Publisher Wuj Productions . ASCAP -
Performance Fred Kimmel Label Wuj Productions
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