Come On Over

Song Description

relationship woes, looking around in all the wrong places

Song Length 3:40 Genre Blues - Chicago, Blues - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Masculinity, Attracted, Crush Language English


Come On Over
by Cheryl Gross

Say Hey, Joanna, what you doin around there,
Say hey, Joanna, youre giving me quite a scare,
Everybodys been talking, they say youre not the same,
And Ive been wonderin myself, Im wonderin whos to blame,
Wont you come on over to my place, Ill show you insane.

Hey, Rosemary, been wonderin where you been,
Hey Rosemary, if youre not around its a sin,
Everytime I think about you, a grown man starts to cry,
Ive been getting so lonely, sometimes I wanta die,
Wont you come on over to my place, its alright.


Hey, Rosie, I saw you the other day,
Hey there Rosie, do you wanta come and play,
Ive been thinkin lately, maybe Ill settle down,
But then some girl walks on by me, and everything turns around,
Wont you come on over to my place, I need you right now,
Come on Rosie!

This has a nice groove.

nicely originaly nice playin - vocal sang great just riminds me a bit like rocky erikson just that good, lead guitar, drums simply but right , lyrics seems made up in a way to the melody right on place i real be glad to hear compositions like this sharing to the people . feeling it was made through the heard vibe , gratulations

I really liked the interplay between the two rythm guitars. Nice lead breaks, totally hot effect on the intro lead got my attention immediately. Perfect quality for the lead vocal. Nice easy blues pace. Great instrumental mix, nothing was dominating over the vocal, and the guitar and organ leads came to the front. I wanted to hear more. You know your genre'.

Classic rock blues

Nice vocal, good ole blues cuts in every time. Reminds me of the old band "Yardbirds" a little bit. keep putting the polish to it.

Rockin! Band is cookin! and slide guitar player kick butt!

I miss the swing in this song the instruments should play simpeler and tighter and more Bluesy The snare is a little to loud and the bass drum I nearly hear. The vocal I like, good voice

Gimme More! The organ was a real nice touch and the guitar was definitely talking!!!

ON the button guitar work. Got the voice too! Like the B3 as well. As an authentic feel. Nice! I want to hear more. I'm a fan.

Excellent with great guitar and vocal

good uptempo rock & roll blues song. well performed. liked the organ and lead guitar solos

very nice lead guitar work, good overall instrumentation.

Loved that guitar solo. What's a good blues tune without a killer guitar solo.


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