Song Description

I'm psycho for you baby.....

Song Length 4:02 Genre Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cool Subject Madly In Love
Similar Artists Portishead, The Cranberries Language English
Era 2000 and later


Let me make a smoothy of your frantic peach
I wanna take you down I wanna take you deep
Into my sea of pink cause you could use a drink
And God knows baby I'm the queen of kink
Oh So Psycho
Oh So Psycho
Oh So Psycho
For you
Roll me over baby let me lick your pores
I'm gonna find the cure down here on all fours
Gonna sew you gonna reap you gonna rip into your Speedos
And fiddle with your libido cause baby you're so neato and I'm
Baby be my whip I need to feel the sting
I've been a naughty girl I said a nasty thing
Ooh I need a break cause now I'm startin to shake
Another earthquake Oh God how you make me
Did you like my little ditty and the lofty thoughts
It's the talk talk talk I know that gets you off
You're a bomb that's ticking and you come rippin I must be trippin
My God you're like a spigot and I'm
Let me make a smoothy of your frantic peach
I wanna take you down I wanna take you deep

Lyrics Fran Lucci Music Fran Lucci
Producer Marlon Mehr Publisher Oochmuse
Performance Fran Lucci Label Oochmuse Records

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