Maya~children of the Sun (theme Story of Time)

Story Behind The Song

The Story of Time was given to me by well-known author José Argüelles to put it to music...Coincidentally, I had already written the Maya theme -- this music and The Story of Time was left in my hands therefore I own the publishing. It now only on youtube ~

Song Description

A favourite for young children going to sleep according to many parents... with children singing at the 5:40 time and in ending choruses ~ about following the natural cycles of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars...and to remind us that 'We Are One"...beautiful string arrangement/orchestration by Peter Mika -- Montreal producer and arranger...

Song Length 11:22 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Unique - Children
Mood Peaceful Subject Universe, Moon


MAYA...children of the Sun

Awaken to the memory
Of the wisdom of the rhythm of the moon
We can live in peace and harmony
With the wisdom of the rhythm of the moon

We are children of the sun
And we walk here upon the earth
To the rhythm of the moon
To the rhythm of the moon

We are children of the sun
And we live here upon this land
Remember we are one
Remember we are one

Lyrics Francine Jarry Music Francine Jarry
Producer Produced & Arranged by Peter Mika Publisher Rainbow Messenger Publishing
Performance Francine Jarry all vocals / Peter Mika sequencing / Shaunisse Rose Children's voice Label The Rainbow Music Company
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