Chapter 6 ~ Earth Talks Time

Story Behind The Song

(see The Story of Time "Introduction" video)

Song Length 6:32 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Unique - Children


Great Grandmother Galaxy says...if Turtle and Tree are the wisest of all of my great grandchildren, you humans are the youngest by far. You are so young that you are the last, the ones who come at the end of the becoming. You are so young you cannot remember that my wisdom is the wisdom of the Earth. If Turtle and Tree are wise in their knowledge of time, then Earth is the wisest of all.

Earth is the shape of time and the shaper of time. Everything you can be and know is spun from Earth's own spin. You are the Earth. The Earth is you. Spinning the universal song of day and night, Earth's time is your time. Your time is yours alone to spin. How will you spin your time? Listen to The Story of Time and you will then find out.

In that long ago when the becoming was just beginning, when Turtle had spread its life in all its species around Earth's single sea and island realms, and Tree had spread all of its shapes in time from rocky hills to cloudy heights, deep within her core, Earth was happy.

Now I have children who will remember my true nature down through all the ages of the becoming, Earth said to herself. And then she sang her song of time:

What is my Earthly shape in time? -
A circle turning in its rhyme
A set of balls one in the other -
A magnet spinning in cloud cover
A radio station of living sound
A spiralling heartbeat soft and round
A radio station of living sound
A spiralling heartbeat soft and round
Look up, look down, what do you see?
Sun Moon and Stars keep time with me (x2)
Everything turns on the universal spin - day is out, night is in
From the spin form a sphere - make it whirl now and here
To help the sphere keep its shape
An axis long and straight
At top and bottom North and South pole
Earth's time circles one common goal
Look up, look down, what do you see?
Sun Moon and Stars keep time with me (x2)
At Earth's spherical center is a dense crystalline core; this crystal
core floats in a sea of molten iron. Through this core an axis passes.
This axis connects the North and South magnetic poles. Lines of
magnetic force run through the core from pole to pole.
Deep within my crystal core
Time stores its vast magnetic lore
My tides in rhythm with the Moon
My song lines flowing from the Sun
My heart beats times
To life's pulsing endless rhyme
Now I give you a riddle in time
A center, an axis, an outer shore
An ocean to unfold time's lore
A turtle, a tree, a human child
A shell, a trunk, a mind gone wild
If time is the riddle and you are the clue
Can you know where to find the Hunab Ku?

Lyrics José Argüelles Music Francine Jarry
Producer Francine Jarry Publisher The Rainbow Music Company
Performance Francine Jarry Label The Rainbow Music Company

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