Chapter 4 ~ Turtle Talks Time

Story Behind The Song

(see The Story of Time 'Introduction' video)

Song Length 4:26 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Unique - Children


"Until that destined moment at the end of the becoming, it is I and my progeny, all the turtles of land and sea who shall keep the secret of time's mystery. It is we who shall speak the true story of time regardless of all obstacles. The mystery is this: how many times does the Moon wax and wane during one Earth orbit of the Sun? Count the scales on turtle's back and you will know!"

Look at my back
Hold steady and know
Thirteen are my scales
Thirteen moons make one flow
Thirteen moons for the Earth
To bring one year to birth
Thirteen moons for the Sun
To give Earth its fun

We are to be on the watch for the youngest child of the Earth, the human. This youngest child will be the navigator of the next stage of Earth's journey. When the human becomes responsible, there will be unity in time. This is why it is Turtle's purpose to now reveal the true recollection of time so that all Earth's human children will remember the turtle.

Lyrics José Argüelles Music Francine Jarry
Producer Francine Jarry Publisher The Rainbow Music Company
Performance Francine Jarry Label The Rainbow Music Company

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