Chapter 14 ~ Dreams Of The Children Of Time

Story Behind The Song

(see The Story of Time 'Introduction' video)

Song Length 1:42 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Unique - Children


Child of the last generation of the last generation of the children of the Earth, what do you think you really need? Do you know your place in the story of time? Let us listen to whispers of the early time when the human child was still so young, dreams were as necessary for survival as a successful hunt.

On an ancient shore a human child found an ancient turtle shell. Counting on its fingers and toes, human counted thirteen scales. Looking up at the Moon the human child wondered.

And deep within an ancient forest, a human child found an ancient tree trunk split in half. Gazing at the tree rings the human child counted. The tree had many more rings than the human had fingers and toes. The human child looked up at the towering trees above and wondered.

Lyrics José Argüelles Music Francine Jarry
Producer Francine Jarry Publisher The Rainbow Music Company
Performance Francine Jarry Label The Rainbow Music Company

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