Chapter 13~Turtle & Tree At The End Of The Time Of The Becoming

Story Behind The Song

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Song Length 5:55 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Unique - Children


Great Grandmother Galaxy says, Spirit's story is never over, time has no beginning or end. Only in the time of the becoming do things begin or end. In the realm of the endless, in the time of the dream, the original Turtle and the original Tree remained close to each other.

Through their radiant dream bodies, the original Turtle and Tree watched and understood with untiring love the unfolding of Earth's stream of becoming, the biospheric mantle, Earth's farthest shore of time. And this is what they saw...

Many generations of the Earth came and went. Continents rose and fell. Great periods of fiery volcanic skies were followed by equally great periods of ice and shifting sea beds.

Each great change experienced by the Biosphere only strengthened Earth's power of time. Despite all of the changes, the original Turtle and Tree saw that generations of turtles and trees remained steadfast. The gift of the original Turtle and the original Tree was transmitted to all later generations of turtles and trees from one generation to the next.

Turtle and Tree watched quietly as the dinosaurs came to dominate the Biosphere. They witnessed how time reorganized the Biosphere when the power of the dinosaurs became so great it was all one sided. No other beings had a chance with the dinosaurs. The knowing of time in Turtle and Tree had become so deep that the cataclysm that destroyed the dinosaurs did little to Turtle and Tree.

Despite terrifying meteor showers, comets and rapid climate changes, turtles survived in their shells, trees' seeds and great root systems always returned in ever greater glory. The shape in time of the turtle remained constant. Every tree that arose from the ash of one age arose in its unchanging shape of time. Because of Turtle and Tree's commitment as guardians of the Earth, the amount of life in the Biosphere remained constant.

Where once there had been dinosaurs, new warm-blooded furry creatures proliferated. These were the mammals. Tree also adapted and great forests grew whose leaves fell away and changed every year.

For many millions of years, through endless rings of trees, Spirit Tree and Spirit Turtle sat with their minds joined together in the time of the dream. Then the time of the end of the becoming approached.

The Earth had cooled. Great forests swept majestically over vast mountain ranges and stretches of Earth dappled with lakes and watered by great river systems. There among the icy vastness of an age of glaciers, the last generation of the children stirred. They possessed knowledge unknown by other shapes of time. They possessed knowledge of fire. What other powers did they possess?

MAYA THEME chorus...
We are children of the Sun and we walk here upon the Earth
To the rhythm of the Moon ~ to the rhythm of the Moon

Lyrics José Argüelles Music Francine Jarry
Producer Francine Jarry Publisher The Rainbow Music Company
Performance Francine Jarry Label The Rainbow Music Company

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