Chapter 1 ~ Great Grandmother Galaxy Introduces Herself

Story Behind The Song

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Song Length 5:09 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Unique - Children


Before I introduce you to Turtle, who is my wisest great grandchild, I must introduce you to myself. I am Great Grandmother Galaxy. You know me already, but not all of you know me as your great grandmother. Yes, I am the galaxy, I am the great grandmother of everything you are and can know about.

With your eyes, you can know me at night and see how great and ancient is my spread of stars like a dusty ribbon of light making a circle around your mind. These stars are my tapestry, which is the weaving of time. Each star is the center of its own time. Every planet rotates in its time around a star. Often there is at least one moon rotating in its own time around a planet.

The time of the Moon keeps time with the time of the planet. The time of the planet keeps time with the time of its star. The time of the star keeps time with my heartbeat, the Hunab Ku, the center of the galaxy.

Hunab Ku keeps time with everything, and everything keeps time with Hunab Ku. My heartbeat of Hunab Ku is the measure of all things known through time. What is there that cannot be known through time? That is why Great Grandmother Galaxy is so patient. She has nothing but time to play with. Her playtime is our playtime too. That is why Great Grandmother Galaxy sings.

Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku
Time is the center we all pass through
Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku
Time is me and time is you
The stars you see are songs in my hair
The planets jewels strung on bracelets of air
In the center of time there's a root that grows
Becoming through time 20 fingers and toes
Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku
We're all the center that time passes through
Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku
Time is now for me and you

Lyrics José Argüelles Music Francine Jarry
Producer Francine Jarry Publisher The Rainbow Music Company
Performance Francine Jarry Label The Rainbow Music Company

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