Mist On The Water

Story Behind The Song

The title for this song was inspired by a camping experience. I woke up and wandered down to a river after it had stopped raining. A mist was rising above a particularly picturesque area. The sun began to shine down through the mist, lighting up the trees and reflecting on the water.

Song Description

"Mist On The Water" is a very pretty instrumental waltz which starts out with the piano presenting a flowing, peaceful melody, gradually building into a full-fledged orchestral arrangement with soaring strings, melodic lead guitar and tasteful percussion underlying a full, powerful piano crescendo, reaching a grand climax, finally receding to the simple piano melody which started the piece.

Song Length 4:03 Genre New Age - Neo Classical, Unique - Soundtracks
Tempo Non 4/4 Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Peaceful, Serene Subject Light, Island
Similar Artists Yanni, Evanescence Language No Language
Era 2000 and later
Lyrics N/A Music David W. Folsom
Producer David W. Folsom Publisher David W. Folsom
Performance David W. Folsom Label David W. Folsom
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