A head of the game (feroo Ft trig dog)

Song Description

still tirk ama head of my game

Song Length 4:00 Genre Rap - Gangsta
Language English


Haha (Echo)
Yeah haha (3 times)
Put the mic a little closer son am about to spit to it,Trigdogg and Feroo, Mutherfuckers don?t know What time it is yeah let me talk to them lets go
Main Rap:
We be that proper line hustlers
We that proper line busters
Proper line talkers we no droper line hookers
Talk is cheap hello bitch you gone come and try your shit
We gone chill ain?t got beef but the music shit will speak
Right, up in here thanging up ready to blow
Mutherfuckers bluffing cos they know we ready to show
Now they know we having trips cos we riding on chrome
Them bitches now wanna love us cos we having them dore
Better know we non haters
We diamond taker biaters
Shiping money sailors we the million dollar graders
Our mouth full of ice good flows like obie trice
We ain?t saying we the best we just trying to make it nice
Bitch ass niggahs play and get played
Players play and get paid
We not saperating just invading dumps from all stay
Trying to set the way straight
We all got the foreplay
we aint triping shit u disregarded by your own way.

Still Trig am ahead of my game (2 times)
Mibini ke raise baziam(2 times) (Persian)

Verse 2 ( Feroo . Persian)
F e r dobul o mesle feroo
Mizanam hamishe harfe avalo
Az hamaton tooye rap shodam sartaro
Miaram ba khodam sabkaye shakhtaro
Hastam bonian gozare karaye bar taro
Midonam sakhte befahmi harfamo
Bebin dorovaram gangamo
Ino darvordam be namaiesh baraye too
Ta be fahmi ghasdamo
Shoaram az peace
Ghalamam na ,, selaham ono minevise
Vaghty too donya bohrane westo ,easte
Maktabe man inja feroo isme
Man namade rap parsam
Too stylam midonam kheili khasam
Ino goftam ,gangamo doram jam mikonam

RAP 3:
Feroo ( Persian) :
Trig dag?..
fek mikoni ina mitonan
maro bokoshan?
Haha they make me laugh,they can?t do shit son
You know they faking it
Now when we come to it
Mutherfuckers hating it
Feroo ( Persian)
Man midonam trig dog hamishe hast kenaram

You know dog am here strapped with my metal
Ready to bust a n**** who be fucking with my n****
I be keeping it real that is how it is
Feroo (persian):
Bayad ino hame bedonan
age jolo ma vaisan ye bazandan
Down hater now you drown cant u see it men
We owns this sh*t you is a looser men
Feroo (Persian):
Sakhte bekhan ba mano trig dog bazi konan

We do?s it live in the game like my hommie just said
We make the million dollar firm so you haters maintain.

Lyrics Feroo ANd trig dog Music trig dog
Producer tirg dog Performance feroo and trig dog

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