Show Me

Song Length 3:28 Genre Pop - General, R & B - General
Mood Enchanting, Blissful Subject Attracted, Crush, Party
Similar Artists Ricky Martin, Beyonce Language English
Era 2000 and later


Dance so close / but not close enough
You're heating up / without a touch
Your eyes whisper to me / what your lips don't let me see
Hey that's alright with me / if that's the way it's got to be

Show me / show me what you're feeling that's alright
Read my body / show me that you / Want me
Touch my heart and make it yours tonight / You know baby / what I'm saying

Yeah like that / now you're in the flow
The cool in you / ready to explode / Like honey to the bee
You can't fight chemistry / It's the same with you and me /
It's the way it's got to be


(Do you want this love / Do you want my love)
Show me baby / show me you want me
Just you and me / body to body / Come on baby
Show me you need me / Don't you want us body to body
Show me baby / show me you want me
Just you and me / body to body
Come close baby / just you and me
That's all I need / So show me


loved it. good vocals, good harmonies, liked the Indian/Asian,Brazilian feel to it

Lyrics Feritta, Dean J Hopkins Producer Dean J Hopkins & The Presidents of Groove
Performance Feritta Label Ishtim Records
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The LovePops Kindred Spirits 1/16/2015

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