Why DId I Lose You/ original demo

Story Behind The Song

The song is about the death of a loved one and is very personal to me. However, I did not want to reveal openly my private loss so I left it vague therefore letting the listener draw conclusions of their own and apply the lyrics to their personal situ

Song Description

Why DId I Lose You is a love ballad that is both sensual and sad with a driving beat that has a romantic Latin feel. It has pathos and the lyrics are open to interpretation of the listener. The words tug at your heart and the melody tugs at your soul.

Song Length 5:03 Genre World - European, Unique - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Endearing Subject Loneliness, Lost Love
Similar Artists Marc Anthony, Frank Sinatra Language English
Era 2000 and later


Why Did I Lose You

Lyrics By
Felice Kaye-Cooper

Why did I lose you?
The stars have vanished
The light has ceased to
Shine in my heart.

I can not laugh again,
And tears have followed.
The sadness in my soul
Deepens every passing day

If you come back to me,
The sun will shine forever.
Warming my days again
And filling all my dreams

No one can take your place
Or the ?memories? of a lifetime
Even though you had to
Go away your love will always stay.

(Second Chorus)

But if you come back,
My tears will turn to laughter.
Only joy and happiness
To know you are so near.

Nothing can take away
The ?memories? of a lifetime
Even though you had to go away
Your love will always stay.


*(The orchestra plays to Signa Sign second chorus)

And if you come back
The world is mine forever
Gone the years of loneliness
Be-cause you are so near.

Nothing can take away
The ?memories? of a lifetime
Even though you had to go away
Your love will always stay.

(To Coda)

Why did I lose you?
The stars have vanished.
The light has ceased to
Shine in - to my heart.

I can not laugh again
And tears have followed.
Only shadows fill my days,
Since you have gone away


Lyrics Felice Kaye-Cooper Music Felice Kaye-Cooper
Producer Dean Bailin, 4 Cats Studio,NYC Publisher N/A
Performance Felice Kaye-Cooper/Isaak James-voc/Dean Bailin-guitar Label N/A
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