Christopher's Sister

Story Behind The Song

made out with a girl on the road once... i was 25 she was 19... kinda liked her, but knew it wouldn't work... week or 2 later, found out she got too drunk at a party & some guys took advantage of her - more or less stole her virginity... sad... song is more or less me having a conversation with God (at screaming volume)...

Song Description

downtempo rocker that chugs along & builds to the end... dynamics & hits injected to increase impact of religious lyrics...

Song Length 4:25 Genre Rock - Alternative, Pop - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Troubled Subject God, General
Similar Artists Pearl Jam, Blind Melon Language English
Era 2000 and later


Christopher?s Sister

She runs away & the devil quickly gives chase
She tortures herself; lacerations all over her soul
I?m scared I can?t find you, but I bet I?ll be petrified when I do

Christopher?s Sister is deflowered
and I can?t take the pain
I can?t help but call your name

How do you love your Father & love the world at the same time?
Like an explosion of flavor, this exhilaration is counterfeit bliss
Aroused by her caress, the fleeting embraces generate faults in my system

Christopher?s Sister is defiled
And my tears fall like rain
My God, was it all in vain?
Maybe she couldn?t control the craving
Failing to refrain
Tarnished souls in the devil?s domain

I cannot remain here living this lie
I cannot maintain no matter how hard I try
I just wanna know; did salvation pass me by?

I ran away, & the devil quickly gave chase
I tortured myself, lacerations all over my soul
I?m scared she won?t find You, but I?ll bet she?ll be glorified when You do

Christopher?s Sister is dishonored
but she can?t ascertain
only God can cleanse the stain
We all long to be whole again
And free from this disease
I?m deep in prayer down on my knees

Can?t you hear me? Can?t you hear me call your name?
Where are you? Please, please talk to me? Talk to me right now!
No ego, no self, no noise,
no words, no blackness. no nothing? nothing at all?
nothing can separate me from You?

Lyrics Ethan Keller Music Ethan Keller
Producer Kristopher Crow Publisher Downtown Underground Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Ethan Keller (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Matthew Turner (Upright Bass), Jeremy Kuzniar (Drums), Kristopher Crow (Fender Rhodes) Label demo/unreleased

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