Story Behind The Song

the communication breakdown song. trying to break through to someone. awkwardness, anger, bitterness, blame. even when it seems like youre screaming into the other persons ear, they won't hear because they ignore, turn away, invent their own truth, legitimize or do anything they can to cope with pain. Wrote this song about an ex-girlfriend - swore it was the last song i'd ever write about her... a year ago i proved myself wrong!

Song Description

gritty piano, acoustic guitar & punding drums & bass... dynamics build throughout... mellow (verses) to screaming vocals (at the end)...

Song Length 3:43 Genre Rock - Modern, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Restless Subject Lost Love, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Dishwalla, Led Zeppelin Language English
Era 2000 and later


Hate the word communicate
It?s beyond me-- don?t respond
Something I can?t do
Concentrate and infiltrate
Got to prove something
(Got your finger on the panic button)
Angels of the airwaves
Lead me through the silence
Deaf to screams of violence
Mobile unit loses contact
With no sense of urgency

Since the day you went away,
the signs became so simple,
Just a dimple in the face of my words to you...
Since you?ve made things hard to say
I recall, you tore down my wall,
your necessity knew no delay...

Secret scheme to escape from this soundscape
Purchase truth internally eternally
(but the lies you?re tellin keep on sellin)
I run from your shotgun loaded with clich├ęs
Pick up the skip comin from my lips
through this microphone, Cause I?m phonin home,
I?ve got to break on through this way

Nothing helps the pain...
damage has been done...
derailed is the train...
now you?re on the run...
repair your radio...
pirate frequencies fade...
for the eternal outro...
filled with static jade...
bind the cosmic line...
wavelength to my kind...
haven in my mind...
safety you will find...
say it one more time...

Lyrics Ethan Keller Music Ethan Keller
Producer Giff Gifford Publisher Downtown Underground Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance Ethan Keller (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Jesse Warner (Drums, backup vocals) Ryan BRach (Bass, Backup vocals) Label self release

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