Love Is Just Love

Story Behind The Song

This song was written in about an hour, mostly in my car after a beautiful encounter, on a beautiful sunday morning!

Song Description

This is about a a love that never really had the chance to be cemented, two peple whose lives drifted in different directions, yet when there together it seems right, life always pulls them apart and reality has never had the opportunity to prove otherwis

Song Length 3:23 Genre R & B - Soul, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood On Cloud Nine, Blissful Subject Happiness, Long
Similar Artists Erykah Badu, Sade Language English
Era 2000 and later


The best cigarette that Iv'e ever had was on that sunny sunday day,
When You came around to say goodbye and You took my breath away,
Iv'e never felt so alive or so free as I do when your that close to me,
Suddenly just You and me and our vunerabilities

Our Love is just love is just love is just love,
Untainted, untouched, undeniably love,
Our Love is Just love is Just love is Just Love,
Untainted, untouched and undeniably Love...

We made a promise to keep that one day that one day that one day
We'd spend hours You and Me
Just drifting just drifting away,
Drifting away, Drifting away,
Drifting away in each other,
Drifting away, Drifting away
You loving me like no other

Our love is just love Is just love Is just love,
Untainted Untouched Undeniably Love,
Our Love is just Love is Just love is Just Love
Untainted, Untouched and Undeniably Love...

Till then I'll think of you when I'm quiet in my room
Or walking alone on a warn afternoon
When my body aches from the cold southern sea
I'll be happy cause I know your thinking of me
And the promise we made that one day we will be
together alone in a space all our own
Finally just you and me...

Cause our love is just love is just love is just love
untainted, untouched, undeniably Love
Our love is just love is just love is just love
Untainted, untouched and Undeniably love
Undeniably love
Undeniably Love...

Lyrics Emily Turner Music Emily Turner
Producer Emily Turner Publisher Emily Turner
Performance Emily Turner Label None

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