Let Me Go

Story Behind The Song

I was aiming for a song that would belong in a Quentin Tarantino film.

Song Description

A toxic relationship where one feels so powerless and controlled but knows they need to find a way to leave it.

Song Length 3:33 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Intolerable, Distressed Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Power
Similar Artists R.E.M., Fastball Language English
Era 2000 and later


Everybody told me you were crazy - certified
In your gaze I caught a glimpse of something else - deep inside
A desolation pulling me in closer - hypnotized
I was trapped inside the blackened mystery of your eyes

Don't try to tell me you're a sunny day
When your words sting like acid rain.
You could never hide the bile that's inside your soul,
So please let me go

In a few short weeks we were a nightmare realized,
Every waking moment left me shuddering - terrified.
I was stranded in your sea of venom - left to die
Not a soul for miles in all directions to hear my cries.


Just let me go, you don't need me here - no,no,no
Find someone else to enslave
I've got too much to be living for,
So please let me be on my way.


Please let me go
Just let me go.

Super hip and hypnotic. Worldy sounding instrumentation with a voice that has same great tones that really keep your attention honed in on this thing. Great intro with a simply guitar and distant, low-fi vocal sound that is flat-out cool. Love this thing.

An extremely cool song...what a great vibe. Love how the vox begins with megaphone vocal, and then switches to this dripping richness at about the :25 mark. Very dark emotions invoked throughout the song. The music so perfectly matched the somewhat sinister vocals too. And the solo guitar accents throughout were so perfect. This song belongs in an indie film.

Lyrics Doug Amell Music Doug Amell
Producer Jawbone Studios - Eric La France Publisher Independent
Performance Bass - Thom Allen, Guitar - Aaron Bulwer, Vocal - Doug Amell, Drums - Mark Heisler Label Independent
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