Song Length 4:18 Genre Electronic - Ambient
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental

nice sounds I think I could get a good workout with this music

intro, listener knows right away this is going to be a good, clean track, very good sound... drum groove has some nice noise hits inserted, almost randomly and that has a nice effect on the ears... the use of the almost out-of-pith recorder might seem a little out of place to some listeners, but i think it works since the synth-arps get backed off in recorder sections... bass synth has nice depth, good tone that doesnt interfere or compete with the arps and melody... so, overall, a work that i say is a little above average, mix is quite good really, very listenable, tempo is right where it should be for the song style, a little above 120 BPM but not so fast that it would become distracting... as with many synth-instrumentals, would probably work even better playing along with some video images

Very Nice, but I think I like electronic. Lots of ideas. All most Celtic. Celtic-Electronic!!! Add a more steady drums, grab some pitchers and u-tube this thing. Celtic really needs your help. Have mercy on listeners.

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Lawrence K. Bodien Electronic 11/13/2012

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