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Song i actually wrote on mandolin and progressed from there. Song is about letting your guard down and making a move towards your first love, or maybe just contemplating it.

Song Length 4:45 Genre Country - Alternative, Folk - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Engaging, Moving Subject Shyness, Searching for Love
Era 1990 - 1999


Someday, i'll find a way,
to tell you, just how i feel about you. because your always on my mindbut i just cant find the word to say...

Someday I'll come out of my shell and someday, only time will tell, Should i make you mine or should i let you go? well i just dont know...

Someday,just dont seem that far away, and maybe i can find it in myself to say what i need to say...
Cuz your just what i want all that i need my love is true, all that i want all that i need its all in you...

Someday when were old and gray, i'll look over to you and on that someday, you'll turn to me and say, im sure glad that it was you...

because just what i want, all that i need my love is true,
because your always on my mind but i just can't find the words to say...

Well maybe someday, maybe somday.

Lyrics Dmark Flinn Music Dmark Flinn
Producer Dmark Flinn Publisher Dmark Flinn
Performance Dmark Flinn

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