Song Length 4:23 Genre Rock - Modern


There are people that I water with time and my mind and the only thing that grows is my ambivalence
But thankfully if I'm lucky I find the other kind and my imagination dresses them like sunsets
Sometimes I'd like to pull you by the hand inside a tiny room where no one else's noise could get inside
All that we could hear would be the squeak of my jacket, your breathing, our blind steps in unison
The real of what that feels like so relished and revered like a secret only two could ever know
And I could lean against the glass of a window seat when years have passed and think about what only we could share
Save me if only you would, it's as easy as sharing
A place and a memory, promise me

I've gotten used to knowing you thru waves that just go everywhere but here is what I'm mostly into now
I'm tired of being cross-legged, sun-robbed, and lied to by advertisements standing in for convo
That's why to merely be right here, beside the real real you my dear is more to me than holidays and pictures
All I want's your smile to myself a little while and then it's back to bird's-eye views we're bound to go


Lyrics Daniel Lee Hotard Music Daniel Lee Hotard
Producer Daniel Lee Hotard Publisher Daniel lee Hotard
Performance DiEL (Daniel Lee) Label Puppet Show Named Julio Records
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