Song Description

Trouble's gettin' deeper

Song Length 5:46 Genre Rock - Classic, Blues - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Depressing Subject Existence, Loneliness
Similar Artists Green Day, Bad Company Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


"Show me the way" (Deeper)

I don't know why I feel so low
People bring me down
See the old world is spinning around
Like a same old clown
Better tell me how to escape
From this loneliness
And I feel like a cripple
I am afraid of the people
I need someone to show me the way

Counting off my days slip away
And I'm blind to see
Love is nowhere to be found
There's no place to be
Go down to my knees and I pray
just to get away
Hopeless people world we all stuck in the dirt
I don't know who can show us the way

Trouble's getting deeper can't you see me weeping
What is wrong I wonder, What it's all about
And I'm stuck in the middle but I'm still believing
that I'm gonna find other way out
Well I must be dreaming and keeps me screaming
Wanna shake it off gonna make it someday
Who can help me and show me the way

I just go astray. Take away
All my fears and doubts
Don't you let me down. look around
I'm just going nuts
Nothing I can save for a day
Nothing more to say
What I sold and bought I'm getting so cold
And I feel I can't take it no more

Lyrics Oleg Gorbunov Music Dima Zaytsev, Alex Morozov, Alex Kochnev
Producer Dima Zaytsev

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