No Way to Say Goodbye

Song Length 4:24 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Jazz - General
Language English


By Dennis Robbins
Copyright Dennis Robbins, BMI
All Rights Reserved

Was it yesterday even then we were saying goodbye
On a corner on the square
Like a couple of faded photographs
That stayed too long in the rain
You touched my hand, said it?s OK
I know that you have to go
Would you drop me a line from time to time
And let me know how you are
Hey, hey, hey
That?s no way to say goodbye

Hemingway once said that the world breaks us all
Some of us get strong in the broken places
Anything that doesn?t destroy me
Supposed to make me stronger
Well, I?ve seen those words and I read the books
I still got feelings that I?m on
Sometimes you give in sometimes you give up
Sometimes you just get along
Hey, hey, hey
That?s no way to say goodbye

Lyrics Dennis Robbins Music Dennis Robbins
Performance Dennis Robbins, Guitar and Vocal; Don Richmond, Everything Else

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