Time Rolls On Live

Story Behind The Song

Everyone has had that first love. It is like no other, you never love that way again and the memory lingers thru out life.

Song Description

Young girl wonders why she love so hard and lost and why it hurts so much but understanding in time this to shall ease

Song Length 3:35 Genre Folk - Rock, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Sorrow, Heartbreak Similar Artists Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan
Language English Era 2000 and later


Music and Lyrics by:
Dennis Moore
Valerie Bemis

Time Rolls On

No one ever told her how hard it is
To find her dreams and happiness
No one ever taught her how long it could take
For her broken heart to un-break
And she wonders why, she wonders why

Time rolls on, eases the pain
First loves memories never fade away

No one ever let her know there's a price she must pay
For falling to hard giving her heart away
No one ever warned her that a man could be so cold
To take her innocence and leave her crying and alone
And she wonders why, she wonders why

(chorus) (First loves memories that drive her insane)

And in her tears and anger she falls to the floor and cries
Lord what have I done wrong
I gave him all I had to give my heart could give no more
She?ll never look at love again the way she did before


Now she finally understands when all is said and done
You learn from your losses and you must move along
And she wonders when she'll love again

(chorus 3x) ....slowly fade away, slowly fade away, finally fade away

Lyrics Valerie Bemis/Dennis Logan Music Bemis/Logan
Producer Dennis Logan Performance Dennis Logan Band
Label Blue Toad
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Dennis Logan The Sprainz Time Rolls On 5/9/2021

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