#05 - Scottish Moon In Dunfermline

Song Length 3:58 Genre World - Celtic



A huge pregnant moon held its breath
and wove in and out
among clouds anchored above the Firth
gave birth to the stars one by one
each becoming incomparable legend and
words and wisdom echoed on the wind,
with the sound of the rain.


The rhythm of a thousand feet marching
the whisper of a thousand voices praying
the last breaths of children dying
lonely bagpipes sighing,
the moon sighed too
and reflected on the rippling firth
raindrops falling into water
clans falling to their knees
castles crumbling into lochs
dead men crumbling into earth

Through the intermittent rain I walked
to Dunfermline abbey
and placed a thistle on a legend tomb
then I stood beside the firth
to watch the moon slide behind a cloud
with her legends in tow
leaving me alone



firth-a narrow inlet from the sea--estuary - from old Norse

Lyrics: from poem by:Sue Murray
Music by:Joe Podlesney

Lead vocal: Delta
Background Vocal: Joe Podlesney
Highland Pipes: Eric Goodchild
Violin: Chris Devine
Guitars:Joe Podlesney
Keyboard:Joe Podlesney
Bass:Joe Podlesney

Absolutely beautiful piece of work. Vocals and melody are crystal clear. The instrumental is precious. Great work!

This is a great piece.....not my genre but very good.

Atmospheric piece, well arranged and warmly, accurately sung. A strongly Scottish feel. Could well serve as theme music for a clan epic.

Very nice vocal and accompaniment. Excellent work,nice acoustic guitar too.

I like it, because it has a hint of Celtic Women. It's sound like Celtic music.

Love the instrumental arrangements here. The different instrumental layers really give an epic feel to this song! Nice Celtic flavours such as the harp. Quite a contemporary sounding Celtic feel. Pretty and enchanting vocal. Great overall production and sense of depth in the recording.

Captivating from the start.

nice guitar hook! liked the doubling, great arrangement and vocals. I liked the spacious sound and synth parts as well. Just perfect for me, only suggestion I could make was possibly going to a short bridge with different chords and melody at some point for a bit of variation. Loved this tune!!

Loved the instrumentation. Great Celtic feel. Nice harmonies. Could hear this song used in the back ground of a movie scene.

Great mix! The guitars are great, well panned and clear as a bell. Nothing dominates too hard but rather sits in its place nicely. Song is well arranged and performed.

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