#01 - Who is A Scot

Song Length 6:19 Genre World - Celtic


Who Is A Scot

Who heard the ancient battle cry?
A chieftain's bloodied sword held high
to a cloudy cross in the azure sky.
Who is a Scot?

Who saw proud Wallace's face?
Guardian of our celtic race
slay tyrants with his sword and mace
Who is a Scot?

Who smelt the blood and sensed the fear?
Who felt the Bruce's spirit near?
At Bannockburn who shed a tear?
Who is a Scot?

Who knew the pride felt at Arbroath?
Which freeman love and tyrants loathe
to sign the pledge and take the oath
Who is a Scot?

Who felt the shame and shivered cold
their heritage and freedom sold
for a wagonload of tainted gold
Who is a Scot?

Who paid a heavy bloodsoaked toll?
So foreign powers should ne'er control
my gaelic heart and celtic soul


Bannockburn.....1314 battle where Edward II's English army was soundly defeated by the Scottish King Robert the Bruce

William Wallace..... hero of Braveheart

Arbroath.......The Scottish Declaration of Independence.....Our own declaration was fashioned after this by Thomas Jefferson

Lyrics, a poem by Gerry Haughey from Australia
Music by Joe Podlesney

Lead Vocal: Delta
Speaker :Bernard McGrath
Background speaker: Delta
Guitars: Joe Podlesney
Highland Pipes: Eric Goodchild
Whistle:Tom Byrns
Bass:Joe Podlesney
Keyboard:Joe Podlesney

Love it! The transition from the beginning part is well done, instruments are clear as a bell.

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