Gluesniffer's Bridge

Story Behind The Song

Song about a bridge on an estate where I used to work and live. I used to hang out on this old stone bridge, used only for foot and bicycle traffic now, because it was a nice quiet, peaceful spot in the woods. It was built in the 40's by the WPA, one of F

Song Description

Psychedelic overall mood, with acoustic intro and haunting slide guitar throughout. Bowie-esque harmony vox in chorus, and almost reggae feel in bridge.

Song Length 3:44 Genre Rock - Psychedelic, Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Depressing, Peaceful
Subject Poverty, Spirituality Similar Artists The Beatles
Language English


The water's only gettin' deeper
Days are only growing shorter
Money's only holdin' tighter

But everybody had fun down on Gluesniffer's Bridge

The giving's only gettin' harder
Fever's only climbing higher
Lies are only looking larger

But everybody had fun down on Gluesniffer's Bridge

The rain doesn't call the sunshine out to play
The sun doesn't call for the rain to fall all day
No God sent a breeze in an effort to freeze
The waters we must tread
But everybody had fun down on Gluesniffer's Bridge

Dreams are only fading farther
Sunlight's only dropping lower
I am feeling so much colder

But everybody had fun down on Gluesniffer's Bridge

Lyrics Michael Martin Music Michael Martin, Jeff Merena, Matt Frick
Producer Deadlyne Publisher Frick, Martin, Merena (BMI)
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