Why does the night have to be so dark? (Demo)

Story Behind The Song

Jan 2004 my brother in law, a cop from the city goes and does himself in because of a capricious, impetuous young succubus of a wife who taunts him into depression and sanity!

Song Description

The widow (buxom hussy) is cold as we ask questions and grieve. Great tune for Bryan Ferry. Song is lyrically encoded so as to not be a maudlin suicide epitaph. Thers a movie in the word heme, don't you think so ?

Song Length 4:42 Genre Pop - Lullaby, Jazz - Lounge
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Passive, Gracious Subject Suicide, Darkness
Similar Artists John Lennon, Roxy Music Language English


Why Does The Night have to be so Dark ? d.clare,

Oh how the ocean mourns for the, lone castaway.
Tears of the midnight storm will they, be dry by the day ?
Who could live fancy free and just, sit there and smile ?
I?m ashamed of how she won?t see, what becomes of the child.

Why does the night, have to be so dark ?
When did the sky, go and turn so gray ?
Where have you gone ? We need you here tonight.
The things that I thought, you just stole away.
(The things that I felt, you took away.)

Effects on the mind rewind just to, play out again.
Maybe find some reason why you just, never know when.
Who?s to blame for the way things are oh, she puts on a show.
The answer to our question is, we?ll never know.

Hard to believe it?s true you let, no one realize.
Until it was far too late for us, to give our goodbyes.
Everyone?s changed somehow as we, try finding our way.
Everything?s different now it gets, cloudy each day.

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Lyrics david john clare Music david john clare
Producer david john clare Publisher clairvoyant music /BMI
Performance david john clare
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